Tenga Flip Hole Black

Tenga Flip Hole BlackTenga Flip Hole Black ($103)

Arguably the best male masturbation toy in the world, and certainly one of the most original and sophisticated sex toys for men ever designed.  Hailing from Japan, the Flip Hole Black is a complex masturbation sleeve with an intricate array of nodules, balls, and ribs.  But that is only the beginning of the Tenga Flip Hole Black.  This amazing toy makes use of vacuum pressure to create a whole variety of different sensations for your penis at the touch of a button.  Or rather at the touch of any of the 6 buttons lined on each side of the masturbator.  Each combination provides a different sensation – from the feeling of having your penis sucked to…well there are no words to describe some of them!  Let’s just say that some people have claimed that with the invention of this sex toy, the female vagina has been finally superseded!

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