Fleshlight Go Torque Male Masturbator

fleshlight-torque-male-masturbatorFleshlight Go Torque ($69)

This incredible male sex toy is the most advanced Fleshlight ever created. Amazingly erotic and real ‘SuperSkin’ sleeve with a quite incredibly ribbed and nubbed inner canal that creates a breathtakingly stimulating experience with every stroke of your cock.

Despite its complexity, the Go Torque is 17% lighter than the standard Fleshlight, making it your ideal travel companion.

Lovehoney Male Vibrator

lovehoney-o-forceLovehoney Male Vibrator ($49)

Bring yourself to an explosive climax with this incredible O Force vibrator just for men from Lovehoney. Why should women have all the fun when it comes to buzzing themselves to an amazing climax. Plunge your cock into the smooth soft sleeve and fire up your cock to orgasm with no less than 5 different vibration speeds.

Super Stud Stroker

super-studSuper Stud Stroker ($16)

This cheap male stroker looks as good as it feels.  Made from a unique skin like soft material, the masturbator has four tapered rings at the enterance of the inner sleeve, and no less than 3 different patterned layers of soft beads to stimulate your penis as you slide in and out.

This looks a great little male masturbation toy for this price!

Road Warrior Whacker

road-warriorRoad Warrior Whacker ($5)

At just $5, this has to be the cheapest male masturbation toy in the world.

A simple latex masturbation sleeve, it has a number of internal nubes to supply stimulation to your penis as you slide it up and down.

Surprisingly, this has gained quite a few positive reviews from customers at SexToyFun, with most admitting that it can’t be beat for price.

Pipedream Crystal Clear Masturbator

pipedream-crystal-clearPipedream Crystal Clear ($15)

Crystal clear transparent male masturbator made by Pipedream.  This sex toy for men has no less than three see-through ribbed chambers, each with it’s own nodule and rib filled texture.  Watch your penis get bigger and see why it is feeling so good as you slide in and out one of the very best male masturbation toys in this price range.

Sakura Fubuki Onahole Japanese Masturbator

Sakura Fubuki Onahole ($26)

sakura fubuki onahole

A beautiful Japanese masturbator sent from another world to tease and charm your cock! This Japanese anime masturbation toy is intricitely ribbed and noduled for an experience that no girl on Earth could give you. Inspired by “floating snow” cherry blossom flowers – one of the most famous symbols of Japanese culture

Tenga Flip Hole Black

Tenga Flip Hole BlackTenga Flip Hole Black ($103)

Arguably the best male masturbation toy in the world, and certainly one of the most original and sophisticated sex toys for men ever designed.  Hailing from Japan, the Flip Hole Black is a complex masturbation sleeve with an intricate array of nodules, balls, and ribs.  But that is only the beginning of the Tenga Flip Hole Black.  This amazing toy makes use of vacuum pressure to create a whole variety of different sensations for your penis at the touch of a button.  Or rather at the touch of any of the 6 buttons lined on each side of the masturbator.  Each combination provides a different sensation – from the feeling of having your penis sucked to…well there are no words to describe some of them!  Let’s just say that some people have claimed that with the invention of this sex toy, the female vagina has been finally superseded!

Blowjob Masturbation Toy

Blowjob ToyPDX AHHHH Blowjob Masturbator ($14)

A super realistic blowjob masturbation toy – the PDX AHHHHHH masturbator is made from life-like skin material allowing you to experience a blowjob at your own pace whenever you want, or, if you’re feeling really horny, you can throat fuck this beautiful masturbator as hard as you desire.

The supple mouth will cling to your penis like a clasping tongue.  This girl will swallow every last drop of your cum!

Bordello Lucie

Bordello LucieBordello Lucie CyberSkin Masturbator ($94)

Bordello Lucie is one of a unique range of CyberSkin realistic masturbators recently released by Topco Sales.  Every detail of this minature ‘call girl’ is replicated, even down to the fingernails.  This beautiful male stroker has a ribbed interior sleeve and stretches to accomodate the penis, returning to original shape after use.

Collect all the figurine masturbators in the serious and run your own private bedroom bordello for your penis!

Tenga Egg 6 Pack

Tenga Egg 6 PackTenga 6 Egg Pack ($42)

If you take your masturbation seriously, then the Tenga Eggs are something that you simply have to try!  Ultimate pocket masturbation sleeves that are designed for single use only – but oh, what a single use!  A Tenga Egg will take your penis to places it has never been before.  Tenga eggs use a combination of vacuum pressure and intricately designed nodules, bumps, and ridges on the interior sleeve to produce their remarkable effect.  Although designed to be thrown away after one use, you can use them 2 or 3 times if handled with care and hygeine, and pretty much indefinately if you use a condom